Venezuelan Scientific Research Reports


The Journal Venezuelan Scientific Research Reports is devoted to publishing reports, articles, and other communications in all fields of science, pure and applied, i.e. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Education, Social Science, Agriculture, Engineering, Medicine, Earth Science, etc. It is mainly aimed at presenting the results of Venezuelan research to the scientific community. It also gives opportunities to researchers to publish their findings, which may be of local interest only and difficult to publish elsewhere. All articles are subject to review and authors must be current subscribers of the Journal.

Articles should not be submitted simultaneously to other journals; however, an article published in an international journal, conference or similar may be presented in these Reports, provided a full reference is given.

Articles are published in Spanish or English. However, all articles should have an abstract in English and Chinese. The language style is the author’s responsibility.


Article Format



An electronic copy is required together with a letter where the author must state his/her wish to publish the article, the classification of the article (Computer Science, Education, Social Science, etc.), and the address of the author for correspondence. The text should be typed using Arial 12 pt and line space 1.5. The electronic copy shall be typed with either Linux Open Writer (.odt) or Windows Word (.doc) suitable for a compatible PC. Normally, proofs will not be sent to authors.



The author’s address and affiliations should be listed on the first page of the article. An abstract not exceeding 300 words should be provided including a list of up to five keywords, and the complete article should not exceed 30 pages of the Journal. All mathematical formulae should be typewritten and numbered consecutively.

Illustrations and Tables should be clearly drawn or printed. Figure captions should be typed in black under the figure in the way it must appear in the text. All illustrations shall be designed not to extend beyond the Journal’s A4 print area. Colored photographs should be avoided.

All alphanumerical characters on figures and diagrams should be typed in black. Authors are expected to express decimal fractions with full – stops, not commas, i.e., 2.5 not 2,5.



References are cited in the article by numbers [1] [2] … and they alone should be listed, in order, at the end of the article. The style should be as follows:

[1] Salloum A., 2004. Positioning Bluetooh and Wi-Fi systems, IEEE Trans. On Consumer Electronics, vol. 50, No. 1, pp. 151-157.

[2] Ghezzi C., Jazayer M and Mandrioli D., Fundamentals of Software Engineering, new Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1991; pp. 17-42.



All correspondence should be forwarded to:

Editor in Chief

Venezuelan Scientific Research Reports

Fundación Horacio Ducharne

P.O. Box 6

8001 Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela





The annual subscription fee is 10 US $ and shall be completed by payment at bank account No. 0175-0067-89-0074972493 of FUNDACION HORACIO DUCHARNE (RIF J-31399895-8) in Banco Bicentenario. Please e-mail or send payment receipt copy with name, address and subscription year to correspondence address.


Editor in Chief: Antonio Salloum

Assistant Editor: Fabiola García


Editorial Board

Fernando Henriquez, Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela

José Toledo, Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela

Detsy Sifontes, Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela

Carmen Manrique, Fundación Horacio Ducharne


Scientific Board

Alfredo Inatty, UDO, Social Science

Alice Peña, UBV, Social Science

Armando Alvarado, UPEL, Mathematics

Armando Marcano, INIA, Agriculture

Carlos Narvaez, UDO, Computer Science

Diógenes Marcano, USB, Telecommunications

Edgar Figuera, UBV, Social Science

Francisco Rodríguez, UDO, Social Science

José Carpio, UNEG, Education

José Estrada, UPEL, Mathematics

Lambertis Belisario, UBV, Earth Science

Luis Damiani, UCV, Law Science

Maino Bahamondes, UDO, Mathematics

Mayanín González, UBV, Earth Science

Miguel Requena, MPPEU, Medicine

Noel Lugo, ARBV, Chemistry

Roland Mathijssen, ESI, Computer Science

Sergio Milano, UNEG, Education

Stefan Drude, NXP Sem., Computer Science

Stuart Kerry, OK-Brit, Computer Science

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