The Foundation

The Horacio Ducharne Foundation (FHD) is a non-profit scientific research organization created in 1997 and located in Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela. FHD is aimed to contribute towards the local transformation fostering the economic development and the rise of a fair society taking into account the people culture and the social networks.


FHD vision consists in becoming a national and world class reference as scientific research organization to study people culture and social networks fostering local transformation through the creation, distribution and application of innovative products and methods.


FHD research work is breaking down in three mainstreams, namely:


1. The people culture as research subject and its influence in local development.

2. Creation, validation and application of local development technologies.

3. Social networks and culture as local development agents.


Within these mainstreams, the following projetcs have been worked out:


1. Religious celebrations as participating framework for farming production in the community of Moitaco.


2. Web application to support research projects in the Computer Science Department of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela in Ciudad Bolívar.


3. Radio broadcast program “Dialéctica en Tecnología Educativa”, space to support community participation remarking the advantages and strengths of Dialectics methodology to local transformation processes.


4. Edition and publishing of the journal Venezuelan Scientific Research Reports (ISSN 2244-8187) mean to spread the national and international scientific activity and findings in a large spectrum of areas such as Agriculture and Telecommunications.


At present, FHD is actively carrying on a multiple dimension study about Ciudad Bolivar to anticipate future scenarios and build-up a common vision among the citizens to face the 21st century challenges. The study conclusions should allow citizens to prevent chaotic urban growth which may jeopardize the existence of the city. The study is entitled: Angostura Project, a full-comprehensive and prospective study of Ciudad Bolívar. The Angostura Project is a joint effort with different universities, research institutes and other private and public, national and international organizations interested in the topic.